Music artist, King Oogbodo, has come out to say that Bayo Adetu, popularly known as the publicist of P-Square and Helen Paul, is nothing but a cheap 419.
According to Oogbodo: “Since Adetu goes about saying he’s the one who does the online promo for P-Square, I contacted him for mine, and he told me that the first step is to place it on the top 5 music blogs and that it would cost me N80k.

“I paid it into his Square Image Associates GTB 0019497892 and to my surprise, he placed the song, Pankere, on only three of the sites. But being our first time of working together, I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.

“That was in May 2016. Then in August 2016, I wanted to promote my Inu N Bi Mi (Nu Version) and I contacted him again. I complained about our first project’s turnout and he said he would keep to our agreement this time and he said he could only get me four of the top sites for N70k.

“Again, I paid the sum into the same account and refused to place the song on the sites. Calling him repeatedly, he refused to pick my calls and eventually picked it late in the might one day and claimed that he was with P-Square and they were shooting the video of Bank Alert so he didn’t have my time.

“My recourse was to say that I wouldn’t take that as a sensible reason and if he couldn’t handle my project, he should return my money. The following day, the song appeared on two of the sites only. Calling him again to enquire about the remaining two, he refused o pick my call, and when I sent him texts accusing him of being nothing but a common thief, he was unmoved and it was then I began to realize that I had been scammed.

“I reached to media personalities who could wade into the issue and it was then I found out I wasn’t his only victim. They told me that Adetu had recently taken for himself money he was supposed to pay out to them and all efforts to make him pay the money to them fell on his deaf ears.

“After finding out I wasn’t his only victim, I decided to go public to expose him before he’ll scam more people especially as people trust him the way I trusted because he’s associated with the brands of P-Square and Helen Paul and he’s using their brands to scam people so before he’ll further drag their respected brands in the mud, it’s better to expose him.

“Personally, I’m sure he’ll end up as an armed robber because anyone who can cold-bloodedly scam people who are close to him that he’s known for years is definitely on the way to becoming an armed robber.”

Adetu can be reached on 08055073100 and 07069500225.

Oogbodo can be reached on 08023755142.

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