At some point, Chris Brown will surrender to police on suspicion that he pulled a gun on a woman who was a visitor at his home early this morning. But probably not until the cops — who have already found a gun on his property — get a warrant. You can check out a livestream of the standoff in front of Brown’s LA home here. [Update: Chris Brown left the house briefly, and then went back inside. Police appear to now have a warrant, but have yet to arrest him.] [Update 2: Chris Brown has been arrested for felony assault with a deadly weapon.]
Baylee Curran, the woman in question, defended calling the cops on Breezy in this video:
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According to Curran, Brown flipped out and pulled a gun after she admired some jewelry in his home. He demanded she leave, but not until he tried to confiscate her cell phone and tried to get her to sign a non-disclosure (which she refused.) Curran has said she’s partied with Brown before, and he was usually “cool.” However, last night she said he appeared to be on drugs. Here are some photos of Curran, who had been been crowned Miss California Regional earlier this year, but was then stripped of her title for “breach of contract” in July.

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