Just two weeks after a peaceful resolution with his former Landlord, rapper Tyga, is in the news again for a similar case. The rapper is owing a six-figure bill for rent and damages caused on another landlord’s property.

Tyga has been asked to pay a whopping sum of $186, 000 to F&S Investment Property for the Los Angeles house he used to run his Egypt Last Kings Clothing line.


Attorneys for F&S Investment Property filed court documents, alleging that Tyga breached the lease by “failing to pay rent and other amounts due” when he abandoned the premises without notice in June 2015.
When the property was inspected, documents allege that it was left in “gross disrepair, utility bills unpaid and hazardous environmental waste that required professional clean-up.”

Since F&S Investment Property found a new tenant in November 2015, Tyga is only responsible for five months of unpaid rent between June and October. The total alone, however, comes out to $89,000 and that doesn’t include late payment fees.

According to court documents, damages ultimately totaled more than $131,000 with attorney fees surpassing $37,000 for a final judgment of $186,275.89.


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