The Kardashian Power And What Every PR Pro Must Know

Think about it, if you had to break the Internet, if you need to rank high on search engines, if you had to sell your brand and win with young people, who should you be taking lessons from? Who should you be studying and under studying?

It’s crazy, but, the Kardashians should be on top of that list.

There’s much to be said for a family that’s way more popular than the first family of America, The Obamas.

The Kardashians didn’t get popular over night. And contrary to what is widely believed, they are actually hard workers who’ve done a lot to make their bankers happy and put their family name on the map.

The lead Kardashian, Kim burst unto the scene with her infamous sex tape and took advantage of it. She built herself a social media following and leveraged on it to become a major celebrity, get herself and her family on TV, get sponsorships and partnerships with major brands across the world. She used a crisis that could have ruined her to build one of the most successful public careers of all time.

She associated with the right celebs and brands, built an image that found favour with young women, leveraged her celebrity status to date major stars and eventually marry one - the super rapper Kanye West who’s himself, a good PR case study.
She’s gotten the formula so right you'd think it was all scripted from day one. But it was not. She's just made the right PR move every step of the way.

The Kardashians know their brands and their customers so well that they have become a force to reckon with, home and abroad.

So, what’s their secret?

Here’s what we term our big “Kardashian discovery”: `
  • Define Your Brand. Kim from the get go wasn’t shy and she made everyone know that she, and her now infamous family are here to stay. As a brand, you must build a solid foundation and stick to it. Be constant with your message.
  • Turn Your Weakness Into Your Strength. Kim didn’t stay home to sulk after the sex tape got leaked. She worked with her mother to spin it for good, and it became her key to success. Don’t look at your weakness as something to be ashamed of, it just might be a stepping stone.
  • Use Social Media To Your Advantage. Nobody does social media like the Kardashians. From Kim’s numerous selfies to Kylie using her social media platforms to sell out her cosmetics, the Kardashians are the queens of social media. You must learn to master the “art of social”. No brand can survive without it.
  • Embrace Your Audience. Nobody loves fans more than Kylie Jenner. She involves her fans in decision-making for her brands and even visits them from time to time. Master your target audience and involve them in your activities. Make them feel they are part of your story; part of something great.
  • Be Transparent. The Kardashians air out all of their laundry, and even though they leverage on it to make money, the fans at least can build a relationship with them without actually meeting them. Let your fans feel close to you. Make your brand relatable.
  • Have A Unique Selling Point (USP). if you don't know what that is, find it. It is as important as having the brand in the first place. You have to know the best part of your brand and how to use it to your advantage. Kim uses her butt all the time, she's even broken the internet with it.

  • Immediacy Should Be Your Keyword. Never let situations stew. If immediate response can solve a crisis, speak out. Kim is known to always hit her social media pages with a response whenever she feels the tides might be turning against her. Or her husband.
  • There’s No Such Thing As Bad Publicity. At least not in the Kardashians' books. Make bold and risky-but-calculated moves. With the Kardashians, nothing’s ever too much as they do any and everything for publicity. Kim has used her sex tape to her advantage, cried on camera and even shared her horrible pregnancy experiences. If you do want to play in this space however, you have to tread lightly as what brings a very bright shine could also burn.
  • You’re Never Off Duty. If there's one thing we've learnt from the Kardashians it's that you are your brand, all day every day. You always have to put your best foot forward as you can never tell who's watching. Be professional no matter what.
  • The Media Is Your Friend. You can't be a brand and not love the media. The Kardashians have a fantastic relationship with the media as they built the bulk of their careers on this.
  • Make More Friends. This might sound silly but trust us, it is not. The Kardashians' relationship with brands, like Balmain, isn't just for the noise. It helps build both brands. As a brand, you have to associate with other brands that help build your own. Make sure it's all worth it.
  • Finally, Make Sure There's A Clear Purpose. Are you trying to make money? Are you trying to push a cause? Are you trying to sell to consumers? Are you sure there's good reason to go all out and embrace the media and the public? Always good to set clear goals and understand what's at stake. It helps to know when your strategy is working and when to pack up and go home.
    Good Luck Keeping Up With The Kardashians!

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