In a bid to combat the recent economic turmoil and increasing dollar crunch, AgriHub has taken it upon

itself to organize a workshop aimed at encouraging production of local food products that would easily

replace the international brands on the shelves of retail stores and supermarkets in Nigeria.

The workshop is geared towards sensitizing the populace in patronizing “Made in Nigeria” products

since it will be impossible to compel consumers to purchase substandard products in the name of

patriotism. The workshop will also comprehensively educate Nigerian producers on how to improve

Made-in-Nigeria products while ensuring they are competitive in terms of packaging, branding and


While speaking on the AgriHub workshop, the facilitator, Aderinoye Aderonke, bore her mind on the

challenges besetting entrepreneurs in the country: “The challenge with most entrepreneurs is they

believe the capital outlay required in packaging their products to international standards is high.

Another belief that seem to possess prominence is that one needs to travel and meet with foreigners to

come up with designs and packaging solutions that would meet international standards. Meanwhile, a

lot of these solutions can be sourced locally and are affordable.

 The AgriHub workshop for May 2016, with the theme “Simple steps to take Made in Nigeria food” is a

multisector workshop that will provide actionable solutions to food processing, packaging, marketing

and distribution.  It will present solutions that are locally available and simple tips on how to market and

reach a wide audience without breaking the bank.

It is also aimed at providing a learning and networking avenue for small and medium agribusiness

owners and stakeholders to determine challenges and help improve current systems and procedures in

doing business.

Experts in the field of branding, processing, packaging and marketing with experience spanning FMCGs

and multinational organizations will facilitate sessions and provide insights on improved technologies

and local available solutions affordable to small and medium agro processors to make their products

compete globally. As part of the take-home benefits of the workshop, participants will be able to:

address challenges in the food processing, identify affordable world class packaging solutions, identify

new and traditional food marketing channels; determine business opportunities to export, determine

business opportunities to import, understand the increasing shift from consumption of unpackaged,

unbranded food to stronger demand for packaged and processed food, get onsite support and discount

on photography, packaging and marketing solutions for your business, learn basic social media and IT

hacks that can be used in promoting one’s business to a wider audience.

The workshop, which takes place on the 11th of May, 2015 at Quad T events Centre, Gbagada opposite

UPS by 9am, is open to individuals who seek financial freedom through agro-business as well as small

and medium agro-processors seeking to learn how to make their products global competitive using

locally available solutions.

To register for the event visit www.agrihub.org

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